At RAK ICC, we are committed to detecting and preventing fraudsters that use RAK ICC’s identity and wish to help educate our stakeholders on certain types of frauds such as identity theft, online fraud and scams.

We have noticed in the last few years, some of the major threats on the Internet and we encourage you to take immediate actions to both prevent and manage these issues if they occur.

Fraudsters can be very creative in on-line scams using new and advanced methods of scamming and therefore we at RAK ICC encourage our stakeholders to take appropriate steps to protect themselves from any fraud and report to us any suspicious case they might have encountered.

Beware of attempted frauds using the RAK ICC name and requesting fees for ‘certificates’ or other fraudulent services. Scammers have been manipulating a fake RAK ICC website, which illegally contains information about RAK ICC, and issuing fake certificates under the name of RAK ICC.

Please note that following the consolidation of RAK International Companies (formerly part of RAK Free Trade Zone) and RAK Offshore (formerly part of RAK Investment Authority) that led to the formation of RAK ICC, no Incorporation Certificates have been issued from the former authorities since 09 April 2016.

No documents on pre-existing entities incorporated by the former authorities have been issued since 01 January 2018.

Any document purporting to be issued by these authorities after these dates cannot be genuine. RAK ICC and our registered agents have no relationship whatsoever with such fraudulent activities.

RAK ICC has become aware that the name, logo and requisites of RAK ICC have been used without permission to solicit access to scam websites through investment solicitation.

Below are some steps that can help you to stay safe from fraud:

  • Think twice and do not make quick decisions to deal with any business investment offer;
  • Do not rely only on the information the person gives you or you find on the internet to make your decision;
  • Disregard any deal sent from personal emails or any distension of link not using RAK ICC domain “”
  • Consider how you pay
  • Trust only contact details of RAK ICC located at and deal only with RAK ICC registered agent who are listed in this page:
  • Contact a representative of RAK ICC if you have any doubts. If you wish to verify the validity of any document issued please email

If you think you have been the victim of fraud, you should:

  • Immediately contact RAK ICC legal department at
  • Immediately Notify your local Police Authority Fraud Department
  • Stop sending money to the scammers
  • Be wary of any follow-up scam or offers to recover your money