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The Midshore Free Zone solution through RAK ICC

What is the Global Product

Global Product is a midshore free zone company, permitting the registration of a new legal entity or migration of an overseas company through the RAK ICC registered agents with a range of permitted activities (Commercial, Services, E-Commerce, Media and Educational).

The company registration, amendments, renewals and deregistration of the Global Product are to be processed through the agents.

Why set up a Global Product?

  • Ability to comply with UAE substance requirements
  • Eligibility to apply for UAE Residence Visa
  • Eligibility to apply for Tax Domicile Certificate
  • Remote registration with e-documents and no physical presence required
  • Variety of facilities options, such as co-working spaces, serviced offices and executive offices
  • High credibility with UAE banks
  • Ease of Redomiciliation from within the UAE or globally

Facility Types

  • COWORKING | Shared workstation
  • SERVICED OFFICES | Dedicated workstation in shared office
  • EXECUTIVE OFFICES | Private enclosed office

A Comprehensive list of business activities including:

  • E-COMMERCE | Trading in goods and services via electronic means
  • SERVICE | Conducting services or consultancies across any industry
  • MEDIA | Operating media-related business activities
  • COMMERCIAL | Trading in goods and services
  • EDUCATIONAL | Opening an education-related institution or consultancy company
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