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RAK ICC Premium Product

The Premium Product is a corporate structure comprising of a RAK ICC International Business Company (IBC) (the “Holdco”) having a subsidiary in RAK Free Zone (RAKEZ) (the “Opco”). This allows offshore companies registered with RAKICC to carry out their activities onshore by establishing a subsidiary at RAKEZ.

The Premium Product is a combination of a RAK International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) Company and a RAK Economic Zone (RAKEZ) entity. The company has to be established with RAK ICC first and then the subsidiary of the same is established with the RAKEZ. This gives the discerning investor an opportunity to enjoy the best of both.

Premium Product – RAK ICC & RAKEZ combination

  • The Holdco owner(s) can be directors or senior management of the Opco
  • The Holdco can benefit from the offshore features. The Opco can benefit from substance and operations in the UAE
  • Staffing and office premises available
  • Dual Bank accounts can be established
  • Double Tax Treaties can be availed
  • Commercial and service licenses are issued by the free zone authority
  • Residence Visas available as a result of this structure
  • Substance requirements can be satisfied
  • Flexi, Standard and Executive offices are available


  • Companies are treated as business enterprise of substance
  • Investors can open bank accounts locally and internationally
  • Option to lease a physical facility from RAKEZ
  • Enjoy Double Taxation Treaty benefits
  • Global trade and investments
  • Eligibility for a UAE Residence Visa
Register RAK ICC Company

  • Company Limited by Shares
  • Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Restricted Purposes Company
  • Unlimited Company

Establish a Subsidiary of RAK ICC Company

Register RAKEZ Company

Premium Product

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