Redomicile your Company

from Dominica to RAK ICC

Redomicile your Company from Dominica to RAK ICC With Zero Costs

The loss of Dominica’s offshore company industry.

Dominica has officially closed its offshore corporations’ sector. All corporations must shut down and no new corporations will be allowed to incorporate. As of June 28, 2021, Dominica eliminated offshore corporations and International Business Companies (IBCs).

Why is UAE the best place for redomiciliation?

While companies are required to have an alternative jurisdiction to move to due to regulatory changes, we at RAK ICC have a competitive advantage being located in the UAE:

The UAE is a modern vibrant economy with a deep pool of human capital and professional service providers capable of meeting every aspect of Economic Substance Requirements and advise on the constant regulatory changes
Take advantage of being located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is considered a leading modern jurisdiction with a great location convenient for international business
Attractive tax rates, mature banking and legal system, business friendly environment providing on-shore, off-shore, and free zone company solutions


Whether you’re starting up or relocating from elsewhere, RAK ICC is a future-proof destination for your business. Set up here and you’ll benefit from:

A fast and straightforward incorporation process
Simple migration from various global jurisdictions
Robust compliance procedures
A welcoming and encouraging business environment

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